Wellness Aroma Diffuser
Wellness Aroma Diffuser
Wellness Aroma Diffuser

Wellness Aroma Diffuser

45.000 JD
45.000 JD

Amina’s Wellness Aroma Diffuser works at the touch of a button, helping you achieve well-being, whatever it may be.

You can achieve better sleep, less stress, a mood lift or more energy by choosing any of our 100% organic essential oils and oil blends.

Our bamboo base and ceramic cover diffuser offer you a stylish and easy to use device. It has several settings of beautiful warm light that can enhance any mood.

Delivers the perfect amount of scent instantly with our organic Essential Oil Blends and single oils,

you can easily switch your scent to suit your well-being need.

Features a low-energy LED light, a timer and a diffuser for the air around you.

We only recommend using Amina’s organic Essential Oils and Blends as these contain 100% organic ingredients and are safe to use with the Diffuser.

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made in jordan
women empowerement
suitable for sensitive skin