Back To School Kit
Back To School Kit
Back To School Kit

Back To School Kit

Nice To Be Back!

Stay Healthy & Stay Safe Back To School Kit

Olive Oil Shower Wash 100 ml:

Perfect for frequent cleansing hands without drying them. 

Refresh & Protect Hand Spray 50ml:

Made with 63% Organic Ethanol makes it suitable for sanitizing hands any time anywhere. The addition of natural essential oils and glycerin will protect and mositurise the hands and will prevent dryness.

Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml:

Perfect to sanitize the skin, reduce itching from insect bites and cleanse the air. It has properties that repel head lice.

Protective Ointment 5ml:

A healing barrier that will soften dry cracked skin on hands, lips and any dryness on knees and legs. Pocket size.

Face Mask to stay safe :) 

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giving back
made in jordan
women empowerement
suitable for sensitive skin